It’s a gas!


The rumor is iPad5 may be the one to launch this breakthrough technology!  But private Apple sources and personal contacts deny the existence of any inside rumors or unusual activity.

A highly placed congressional budget watchdog tells us that the one of the super secret three-letter Washington agencies has a super secret “eyes-only” umbrella program hiding a clandestine private enterprise building project.

Purportedly, a super secret research and prototype manufacturing building is being expanded because of an exciting new “itchy” technology.  We hear that 95% of the facility is underground in a densely populated area; to avoid attention getting shipping traffic all materials, equipment and byproducts are surreptitiously hand carried in and out via hidden entrances in a major shopping mall.

Secrecy is further enhanced by NOT getting electricity and water from the power grid or public utilities.  Huge off-site generators supply power underground and are fed fuel via an underground pipeline from a distant refinery’s storage tanks to mask the consumption.  Water is tapped from an underground aquifer and is processed on-site.

Here is the real mystery: The budget watchdog says that the three-letter agency is getting paid to provide the masking umbrella secrecy.  That there are NO US PUBLIC FUNDS involved.  The monies are supposedly coming from the Cayman Islands – even though the money watchers lose track and can’t tell where it’s coming from, they have determined that it’s not from any of the top 17 wealthiest countries.

Rumors abound!  In particular, the technology is guaranteed to transform the e-book reading public and expected to have an impact greater than Gutenberg’s movable type.

We will keep trying to put 2 and 2 together and let you know what we find (or can guess) … perchance, conjecture.

One of the researchers, a lowly placed but authoritative lab-rat, concerned about the social implications of the technology, has revealed some technical details (see other postings here) — the researcher says this could be more explosive than the atom bomb and is concerned about the underlying secrecy surrounding the development activities.

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