iScratch: The Technology

BREATH TAKING Touch Pad Technology

How it Works: The explosive scratch-n-sniff technology consist of a small tube tank inside the touch screen frame of the iPoke tablet with three miniature pressure activated self-closing ports.  After every scratch, the built-in Aroma Discharge Chamber (ADC) is automatically recharged by the Main Storage Chamber (MSC).  The actual aroma is produced by the partial breakdown of a long Complex Organic Chemical Chain (COCC).

  • The FREE iScratch® app determines the precise nanowave frequency used to pulse the electrodes inside of the ADC based on the touchpad area scratched with your fingernail.  The exact frequency which is pulsed determines which Part of the COCC (P-COCC) is instantly broken down into a Particular Aroma (PA).  The aromatic component immediately expands when excited and the overpressure expels the specific iScratch® app associated aroma.  The pulse rate determines how quickly the selected P-COCC molecules are fractured – that is, the intensity of the aroma (wafting, Windy or WHAM).
  • Using the same low voltage that runs your iPoke, the excited P-COCC will expand when pulsed and be expelled though the expeller port (blithely referred to by members of the Anti-Scratch Society as the “stink-hole”).  The expeller port is located right next to the camera lens at the top of the iPoke tablet.

Future Developments: The nanowave pulse breaks down specific chemical bonds based on the exact frequencies used to create the pulse and, the rumor is, can even produce aromatherapy equivalents.  Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health.  (Note: There is no claim to medical benefits by the use of COCC, the  iScratchApp®, iScratch-n-Sniff or iSniff technology.)

Utility: This iPoke capability is being touted as simply a feature which can be used to enhance touch pad entertainment venues: movie watching, photo or slideshow viewing, running a virtual farm, caring for a virtual pet, diaper changing video instructions, etc.  In addition to simulating essential oils used in aromatherapy, elegant aromas have been created that simulate Fresh Sea Breeze, Mountain Pine, Moose Musk, Stinkweed Spores, …; just about everything from Aardvark Breath to Zebra Zygotes.  The iScratchApp® comes with some built in alerts, for example, a “LOAD RIFLE BEFORE SCRATCHING” warning flashes on the screen when a Minnesota hunter wants Moose-Cow-in-Heat aroma.

SECURITY: The chemical makeup of the COCC chain has been analyzed and its breakdown composition is known in terms of the number of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms are known but, we are told, the COCC will not be patented for fear of disclosing the new and closely held underling molecular bonding technology being used.

  • Furthermore, the COCC unpulsed chemical bonding structure is protected by being hidden underneath a top secret self-destructing molecular bond that is activated by reduced pressure or upon exposure to active gases.  It is rumored that the critical manufacturing process is carried out in an inert gas atmosphere (argon?) at an undisclosed but very precise pressure.
  • As the storage chamber contents are used up, the internal MSC pressure drops until a minimum threshold is reached and then the remaining COCC automatically self-destructs.  Recharging is done from a portable high pressure tank by simply plugging a small hose with a quick-click connection to the charging port.  It’s like filling up your car’s gas tank except the charging is automatic and stops when the internal MSC pressure reaches 36,362,951 Pascals.
  • For more on the super secret security see It’s a gas!

Misuse/addictive: It is rumored that there is a secret underground organization experimenting with doubles’ scratching: where two people, with different pictures on their iPokes, scratch side-by-side and release odors that combine to produce quadrahedonistic aromas — purportedly better than the real thing!

Extreme Caution: There has been concern expressed that simultaneous double scratching on one iPoke can cause the nanowave generator to mix frequencies in inappropriate ways and create internal discharge harmonics that produce dangerous aroma combinations and unintended consequential compound aromas that have never been sniffed before!  The National Aromatherapy Association of San Diego is petitioning the FDA to require warning labels using a picture of a puffy red runny nose.

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