iSniff: The Politics

In any politico champaign year, everyone is looking for a catchy headline for the media to get itchy over.¬† (It’s all about getting attention.)

On any day of the week, everyone is looking to control new technology to serve self-interest as an individual or as a part of an organization – exercising control to ensure survival, to sustain position, to improve position and garner more of the fruits of life.

Breaking News:

  • A new EPA regulation was preempted by the Congressional “No-New-Taxes” signees in reaction to the EPA budget request to hire the 224 sniffers and 112 scratcher¬†experts needed to enforce the proposed regulation.¬† The EPA has filed for an injunction to stop COC (Complex Organic Chemical) production until Congress can pass legislation to require an Environmental Impact Report to assess the green effect of scratching and sniffing.
  • The EPA has also has initiated action to establish Sniffing Limit regulations
  • Congressional democrats are drafting a No-More-COC bill.
  • Senate republicans are saying America needs more COC.
  • The White House is talking about a establishing a COC Quota.
  • A bipartisan California group is ramrodding a COC Tax Bill into the state legislature.
  • The American Civil Liberation Union has filed suit to prevent the EPA from establishing Oversniffing Limits. They say that sniffing is a right guaranteed by the Constitution as sniffing is inherent to the pursuit of happiness.
  • The National Offense Research Council has filed suit to require FDA labeling on all computer tablets (whether they itch or not).
  • The American Association of Bankers for a Reasonable Profit who are backing the invention said, “What smell?”

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