TT.TT-HR 179-03.1

Matching job applicant skills and work
proclivities to an appropriate position

Venue: Put about 101 (an odd number) bricks in no particular order in a closed room with an open window. Then send 2 or 3 candidates into the room and close the door. Leave them alone, and come back after a couple of hours, and then analyze the situation.

If they're counting the bricks, put them in Accounting.

If they're recounting them, put them in Quality Assurance or Auditing.

If they've messed up the whole place with the bricks, put them in Research.

If they've stacked the bricks into two even piles (and one brick was thrown out as being "defective"), put them in Engineering.

If they're arranging the bricks in some strange semblance of order, put them in Planning.

If they're throwing the bricks at each other, put them in Operations.

If they're sleeping or gazing at the walls, put them in Security.

If they've broken the bricks into pieces, put them in Information Technology.

If they're sitting waiting for the phone to ring, put them in Human Resources.

If they say they've tried different combinations, yet not a brick has been moved, put them in Sales.

If they've already left for the day, put them in Marketing.

If they're staring out of the window, put them in Strategic Planning.

If they're talking to each other, and not a single brick has been moved, congratulate them and put them in mid-level management.

If they built a miniature golf course with obstacles, put them in an executive position.

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